Strengthen your core and enhance well-being with Pilates.

We offer a range of Pilates programs to suit your unique goals and experience levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our Pilates classes and private sessions are led by certified instructors who are passionate about helping you transform your body and improve your overall well-being.

Pilates is a transformative practice that can enhance your physical well-being, increase core strength, and improve your overall health. Whether you’re looking to improve posture, reduce stress, or simply enjoy a challenging yet enjoyable workout, our Pilates programs are here to guide you on your path to wellness. Contact us today to schedule a Pilates session and experience the benefits for yourself.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a holistic and low-impact exercise method that focuses on building core strength, improving flexibility, and increasing overall body awareness. Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, this practice combines controlled movements with breath awareness to create a unique mind-body workout.

  • Core Strength: Pilates is renowned for its ability to strengthen the core, which can improve posture and reduce the risk of back pain.
  • Flexibility: Through a series of controlled movements and stretches, Pilates can help you become more flexible and improve your range of motion.
  • Mind-Body Connection: Pilates promotes mindfulness, helping you connect with your body and reduce stress.
  • Enhanced Balance: The practice of Pilates can improve balance and stability, benefiting individuals of all ages.

Classes Offered

  • Mat Pilates: A floor-based practice that focuses on core strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • Reformer Pilates: Utilizes specialized equipment to add resistance and increase the intensity of the exercises.
  • Pilates for Rehabilitation: Designed to aid in injury recovery and physical therapy.
  • Private Sessions: Tailored one-on-one instruction for personalized guidance and improvement.

Christie P


Christie, a fervent fitness professional, centers her expertise on Pilates instruction, creating sessions that emphasize precision and flexibility, delivering a transformative and invigorating experience. In addition to her mastery of Pilates, Christie excels in various domains, offering personalized training tailored to individual needs, dynamic jumping instruction infused with energy, and engaging group fitness sessions that foster a sense of community and empowerment. Christie’s versatility extends beyond the physical aspects of fitness, embracing the profound connection between mind and body in all her sessions. Her commitment to holistic well-being positions her as an exceptional guide for those seeking a well-rounded and enriching fitness journey.
Whether navigating the controlled movements of Pilates, orchestrating dynamic and effective jumping routines, or leading motivating group fitness sessions, Christie’s multifaceted skills ensure a comprehensive approach. Join her in exploring the transformative benefits of Pilates and dynamic group fitness under her expert guidance, and embark on a fitness journey that goes beyond the ordinary.


Hyo Sul


Hyo Sul is a versatile fitness professional with a background in competitive gymnastics and a degree in Physical Education from Hanyang University. With certifications in yoga and Pilates, Hyo has over a decade of experience teaching physical education in elementary schools and operating a personal training center. Dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages, Hyo specializes in tailoring fitness programs to meet unique needs, fostering a love for movement and holistic health.